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Cheongam-sa Temple in Mt. Bullyeong Valley

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Cheongam-sa Temple in Mt. Bullyeong Valley

Situated amid intact natural beauty and still holding more than thousand years of fantastic natural beauty, Cheongam-sa Temple was founded by Buddhist priest Doseon-guksa in 859 (the third year of King Heonan's rule during the Shilla Dynasty).

Afterwards, the temple was renovated and expanded four times by Buddhist priests such as Heojeong-daesa, Hwanu-daesa, and Daeun-daesa, and again recently by the current head Buddhist priest Jihyeong.
The temple was famous for Buddhist lectures by priest Hoeam Jeonghye, a maestro on Hwaeomhak school, during the Chosun Dynasty. Inheriting such a tradition, Buddhist Priesthood College of Cheoam-sa Temple was established in 1987, and it now encompasses 150-odd female monks. The temple also offers monthly Buddhist service, children Buddhist service, and Beophwagyeong (Buddhist Scriptures) seven-day prayer meeting, children's Buddhist summer school, and Taegeukgwon discipline programs.