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Sudo-am Shrine and Sudo Valley

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Sudo-am Shrine and Sudo Valley

The Sudo-am Shrine has been handed down until today as it underwent numerous renovations since it was erected by Buddhist priest Doseon-guksa in 859 (the third year of King Heonan' rule during the Shilla Dynasty). In the premises stand cultural properties such as three-story pagoda, stone Buddha seating image in the Yakgwang-jeon Hall.

Also, the Sudo Valley presents a fantastic scenic beauty. Situated at the border between Gimcheon in North Gyeongsang Province, northwest of Mt. Gaya, and Geochang in South Gyeongsang Province, the 1,317m-high beautiful Mt. Sudo is also dubbed Mt. Bullyeong, and Mt. Seollyeong. The mountain's name came from the Sudo-am Shrine that was built towards the end of the Shilla Dynasty and was famous for its zen discipline site. Mt. Sudo presents temples and shrines such as Cheongam-sa, Beakryeon-am, Geukrak-am, and Sudo-am. The valley at the northern foot of Mt. Sudo is called Bullyeong-dongcheon, and features amazing scenic beauty with thick forests and fantastic streams in deep valleys.