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Mt. Hwangak and Jikji-sa Temple

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Jikji-sa Temple

Mt. Hwangak and Jikji-sa Temple
(#216 Unsu-ri, Daehang-myeon, Gimcheon-si)

Cranes have frequented the place since ancient times, thus called Mt. Hwanghak (meaning cranes), and so marked on the map. The place, however, is recorded as Mt. Hwangak on the hanging board of Jikji-sa Temple and in Taekjiri (ancient geographical records).

Located east of Mt. Hwangak, Jikji-sa Temple was constructed in 418 (second year of King Nulji’s rule) by Buddhist priest Adohwasang. The temple features seven nation-designated cultural properties such as treasure No. 319 stone Yaksa-yeorae seating image, and treasure No. 606 three-story pagoda. The temple also houses such shrines as Unsu-am, Eunseon-am and Byeokryeon-am. The mountain, overall, is in gentle slopes with thick forests. Likewise, valley streams on the east form falls and ponds here and there, presenting a scenic beauty. Notably, stretching from the Cheonryong-dae elevation 200m west of Jikji-sa Temple, the Neungyeo Valley is the representative valley of this mountain, showing its utmost beauty with azaleas, cherry blossoms, and wild magnolias in spring, and amazing foliages in autumn.