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Message from Mayor

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"We will make Gimcheon a livable place full of hopes and wonderful changes."

Welcome! I am Mayor Kim Chung Seop of Gimcheon.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

The 7th elected administration of Gimcheon City is committed to making Gimcheon a livable place with a strong focus on hopes and wonderful changes for the people, believing that no value comes before ‘the people.’

We will make Gimcheon a clean city as desired by the people, a city of unity and oneness, and a city of happiness for the 150,000 people of Gimcheon.
We will endeavor to listen closely as we seek steps closer to you.

The esteemed citizens of Gimcheon!
You are the true owner of Gimcheon.

We would greatly appreciate your participation so that this website can serve as a venue for open communication to criticize and encourage the administration, under the primary objective of discussing the future of Gimcheon.

We will listen to your valuable opinion and build up Gimcheon’s future.
Thank you.

Kim Chung Seop
Mayor of Gimcheon